Message from the Chair of the Advisory Board

"Cause there is no room in the whole wide world for an uneducated little boy or girl"

The above words penned by the legendary Slinger Francisco (Mighty Sparrow) in his famous calypso "Education" several years ago, are proving to be quite prophetic in our times.

But what is the true meaning of education? The Oxford Dictionary defines education as "development of character or mental powers". One may argue that our education system has neglected the first part of the above definition, as the character of many "educated" amongst our midst, leaves a lot to be desired.

We at Trillium are dedicated to the provision of an holistic education, which will produce worthy society leaders. Our mission statement clearly articulates this ideal, a major challenge in today's environment.

The dearly departed Annie Jordan, to whom this school is dedicated, was a strong advocate of achieving academic excellence whilst maintaining sound decorum. Her daughters, the founders of this institution are committed to the spreading of her gospel.

Our mission can only be fulfilled by the active collaboration and participation of all members of the Trillium "Family" students, parents and staff. We need to hold hands and support each other on this arduous journey our society demands no less.

Linford Carrabon
Chair, Advisory Board
Trillium International School