Trillium International School Principal’s Address

Education is the vehicle that takes countries out of poverty, ignorance, over population and unemployment. As our country, Trinidad and Tobago, makes strides to have a place on the world stage, it will take a move from the colonial style of thinking where information is always from the top down, to the thinking that the population, our students, our parents, members of our communities have contributions to make to ensure the improvement of education. Change will have to be part of what we do and experience over the next few years in order to move the country forward. Trillium International School is part of that change. The school offers our students the opportunity to be educated in an environment where contributing voices are heard and respected where students know they are cared for and are safe where the students feel a positive sense of self. All these help to make the student a positive and contributing member of the community.

Many thanks to our parents who have shown great faith in their school thanks to staff who have been loyal and hardworking thanks to our advisory board thanks to the community members who continue to support us and thanks to the students who through their joy, laughter and continued improvement show their love of learning.

It is a sincere pleasure for me to extend warmest regards from all members of the administrative team, as we continue to grow and build the foundation of our school.

Betty Ann Craig, Principal
Trillium International School