Trillium's Kindergarten Classroom

Trillium International School's Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten program caters to both Junior and Senior Kindergarten students. At this level, there is a teacher and an educational assistant in each class and the maximum number of students per class is 20.

Trillium International School recognizes the importance of early learning experiences in the overall development of the child. The program offered is student centered and provides a variety of learning opportunities, which establish a solid foundation for the acquisition of knowledge, and skills that will affect later intellectual, social and physical development.

The learning environment includes the classroom and outdoor area. The classroom has group related centers for reading, writing, painting listening and playing. The learning environment is one in which the students will feel comfortable and safe, yet stimulated to learn and explore, as well as take the risks involved in learning.

The Kindergarten Program includes learning in the following areas:

  • Language
  • Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • Spanish
  • Science and Technology
  • The Arts - Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance, Personal & Social Development